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The space was small and terribly cramped and Goro could feel quite a lot of warmth from the body behind him. They were sitting down, crouched a little and the only way they both fit inside was to be pressed together, legs overlapping on either side of Goro's body. He was trying hard to concentrate on listening for the door, but it was getting difficult to ignore the hard length poking into his lower back.

Goro's head jerked as he felt arms slipping around his waist and toying with the waistband of the tight thong he was wearing. "Takuya!" he hissed out "Stop! We're supposed to be listening for her!" He shivered again as a low chuckle was directed right into his ear. "Come on Goro, how am I supposed to resist you when you're in my lap wearing a thong?" Takuya's husky voice whispered in his ear.

Goro felt himself reacting quickly and catching up with the man behind him as Takuya palmed him through the thin fabric. He gulped a few times, trying to hold on to the last strains of reason, until he felt the other hand nudging aside the back of the thong. He moaned quietly "Ah, well, ok, but... quickly! She could be here any minute."

*** *** ***

Takuya thrust into him particularly hard, hitting that spot dead on just as Goro heard the door open. Goro flailed out hitting the wall of the fake cake and causing it to collapse outwards. Two voices cried out as Takuya hit the right spot again, "Ah!" A shocked face appeared before Goro's sight, brown hair falling around her face. "Happy Birthday Amber!" He gasped out.

New Blog

Apr. 21st, 2017 09:10 am
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Just created a blog here at Dreamwidth since some of the communities I follow on LJ are moving here. Not sure what I'll do with this blog. I guess we'll see.


Mar. 7th, 2017 08:15 pm
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My stomach feels icky, I have a headache, and cramps. Stupid period.

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This post brought to you at 1:30am by cramps. Stupid fucking period...
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I'm back! The hubby and I started out January with a 2 week Caribbean cruise. Perfect way to start out a new year I think. The only downside of course is being without my fandoms for two weeks. So... Wha'd I miss?

And of course, I have to come back to cold. And a cold. I currently sound like my brother. But at least I'm not coughing horribly like my husband is. Stupid cold weather.


Dec. 4th, 2016 01:01 pm
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Another fic I wrote forever ago. Same idea as the previous one, you can fill in whoever you want really as the guy. There wasn't really a photo inspiration behind this one. No warnings, this is still pretty tame, but gets a little more detailed than the previous fic.

Click here for fic )

Hope you enjoyed!


Nov. 23rd, 2016 07:47 pm
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So. The day before our Thanksgiving holiday my hubby and I go to pick up groceries. When we come out, our car is dead. Can't be jumped. Engine isn't even trying to turn over. I can get power to roll the windows down, but can't start the car.

So. I'm thankful for friends who will come and take me home with my groceries. I'm thankful for roadside assistance from our insurance, so our car can be towed to the mechanic. And I'm thankful for family who offer to bring us food and try to figure out how they can get us to the family gathering. And I'm thankful that they understand when I say that I really don't want to impose and we'll just stay home and make it up to them when we get our car fixed.
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Yoko is gorgeous even crying with tears and snot running down his face. (Why yes, I just finished re-watching The Quiz Show 2. Why do you ask?)

I should probably work on being less irrationally angry and defensive when someone insults the singing/dancing/acting abilities of my ichiban...

The next time One OK Rock has a concert in my region, I don't even care if it is a work day or my hubby teaches, I'm leaving him and going!

Someday I will work somewhere where they will allow me to have green hair and I will dye my hair green. I don't even care if I'm 50 at that point, I will do it!

That has been your random thoughts for the day.

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Just a random update. It still makes me kinda sad to watch 6-nin NEWS performances. Pi and Ryo always look so happy and playful.

Don't get me wrong. I totally understand why each of them left and support them fully. But it still makes me a little sad.


Sep. 14th, 2016 02:01 pm
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I believe Kanjani with babies is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. And all I've seen of it is all the screencaps that have suddenly flooded my twitter TL.

Also, I have decided that Chronicle needs a new segment. Eito Shirtless Mud Wrestling.

That has been your random update of the day.
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So apparently JE Groups I like now include:

  • NEWS (6-nin & 4-nin)

  • KAT-TUN (6-nin, 5-nin, 4-nin, & hopefully 3-nin assuming they come back)

  • Kanjani8

  • Tackey & Tsubasa

  • Yamapi

  • Kinki Kids

  • Tokio

  • SMAP

  • Hey Say Jump

  • Arashi

And someone is trying to get me into Kisumai and J-West too.

Non-JE related groups include:

  • Breakerz

  • Abingdon Boys School

  • Alexandros

  • Analogfish

  • DaigoStardust


  • flumpool

  • INKT

  • Miyavi

  • One OK Rock

  • Scandal

  • and some Base Ball Bear

  • Utada Hikaru

  • Shirota Yu

  • various assorted anime themes

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Once again, sorry for falling off the earth to anyone who still bothers to use LJ and follows me. >.< It is really hard to work full-time, keep up with multiple JE fandoms, and be a good wife to my husband, all while having limited internet cause we live in the middle of nowhere.

I still do exist! I still love NEWS, Yamapi, Toma, Tackey & Tsubasa, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, and I've added Kinki Kids, Tokio, and SMAP to that. Cause clearly I need more JE groups to try and follow.


Sep. 17th, 2015 04:41 pm
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Sorry I've fallen off the face of the earth. Not that anyone is probably following me after all this time, but still. I'm here! Work life & personal life got really crazy for a while, but I think things are finally settling down again.

I still love Yamapi and can't wait for him to actually release some more music again!
I also still love NEWS, KAT-TUN, KJ8, Tackey & Tsubasa, & various others!

Maybe I'll be back soon and finish my 30 days of NEWS project!
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Happy Birthday YamaPi! Congratulations on 28 years! You've accomplished so much already and you're still so young! I wish you all the best in the next year! May it be as full for you as the past year has been. And thank you so much for sharing your talents with us and for bringing me to such good friends through the fandom.

Happy Birthday.
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If NEWS still had 9 members

Day 14 )

Last post for the day! I'm all caught up I think!
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If NEWS still had 9 members

Day 13 )

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If NEWS still had 9 members

Day 12 )
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If NEWS still had 9 members

Day 11 )

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If NEWS still had 9 members

Day 10 )

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If NEWS still had 9 members

Day 9 )

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