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Another fic I wrote forever ago. Same idea as the previous one, you can fill in whoever you want really as the guy. There wasn't really a photo inspiration behind this one. No warnings, this is still pretty tame, but gets a little more detailed than the previous fic.

You stand up as he picks up the receipt. So far this second date has gone well. He took you shopping in Ginza and then to a fancy restaurant for dinner. You’re glad you dressed nicely, a white silk blouse and a short black skirt with a bit of flounce. He takes your arm and leads you back to the coat check station and you pull out the chip that has the number of your coat. He takes it and gets your coat for you and you mentally wince. Your coat is kinda old. You keep meaning to replace it but it is so comfortable you just keep putting it off. He laughs as he helps you into it, “is that seam ripped?” He asks, pointing to your left side. You smile sheepishly. “Yes, but it is a comfortable coat and it isn’t really that cold out yet. I’ll probably buy a new one before snow comes.” He smiles at you and shakes his head.

As you walk together along the street he asks if you want to come over for drinks and a movie. You smile and nod at him, “I’d like that.” Although it is getting kinda late, you don’t want the evening to end yet. He smiles and hails a taxi. He helps you in and gets in after you giving the driver his address. Soon you’re at his building and it is a really tall city apartment building. You walk with him into the lobby and he presses a button for the elevator. As you wait together for the elevator a small crowd gathers around you. The elevator arrives and you walk in with him, he presses a button for his floor and you notice it is quite near the top of this building. He stands at the back of the elevator making room for more people and you stand with him, in front of him, your left side to the wall. More and more people crowd in to the elevator and soon you find yourself pressed up against him. You’re a little embarrassed, this is only your second date after all, but he puts his right arm around your waist and holds you to him and you relax a little.

Soon everyone is inside and floor buttons have been pressed and the doors shut and the elevator starts moving. The person in front of you has a large backpack on and as he moves a little the bag presses into your chest for a moment, you squirm a little to try and get away from it and your bottom presses into his groin. You feel his arm tighten around your waist and through your coat you feel a bulge in his pants. Your heart starts to race as you realize your closeness is turning him on. Again the guy in front of you moves around and his bag presses against you. You move again this time completely conscious of his bulge in your backside. His left hand moves up to your side and his right arm continues to hold you against him. The elevator stops and a couple gets out, the people in the elevator moving to adjust to the increased space. Mr. Backpack moves further away from you but you don’t move, you don’t want to. You feel his left hand seeking along your side and wonder for a minute what he’s doing. Then his hand slips inside the torn seam of your jacket and caresses along your stomach and your eyes widen. Your jacket is long enough that it covers your skirt and loose enough that it hides his movements. His fingers play with the hem of your blouse. Your hands tighten on the strap of your purse and again your pulse quickens.

Again the elevator stops and more people get off. The elevator again rearranges some as people move farther apart. You lean against him unable and unwilling to move as his arms hold you. His left hand is inside your blouse his fingers caressing your stomach. Mr. Backpack is still standing in front of you and you notice he’s playing a handheld game and has headphones in. There are still a few people in the elevator but no one seems to notice what he’s doing to you. You wiggle a little getting closer to him and feeling him getting even harder. His hand slips down to the hem of your skirt and lifts it a little running along the inside of your thigh and finding your panties. His fingers caress you hidden by your jacket from the people in the elevator. The elevator stops again and you wonder “Is it just me or is this elevator bouncing more.” His fingers press hard against you as a family gets out this time. You notice only two more lights are lit on the panel, and only two others are still in the elevator. Mr. Backpack of course and a girl with headphones in who is reading a magazine. His fingers slip inside your panties and you feel like the temperature inside the elevator has risen with the elevator. The elevator stops again and the girl and Mr. Backpack get off. As soon as the doors shut he lets go of you, spinning you around and pulling you to him. Your mouth seeks his and he kisses you as you drop your purse and slip your hands around his neck.

You kiss passionately, your mind spinning as this was not quite what you had in mind for your second date. His hands open your jacket and pull you closer to him and through your thin skirt you feel his hardness. He cups your bottom and pulls you even closer to him. Just when you start to lose your mind the elevator lurches to a stop again and you bounce against him. He stops the kiss and takes your hand getting out of the elevator. You distractedly grab your purse off the floor before he pulls you completely out of the elevator and he fumbles with his keys as he leads you to his apartment. As soon as the door is closed behind you he pulls your blouse open and starts kissing you again. You start to ask about the movie, but soon forget. Soon enough his pants and your skirt are both on the floor and he has you pressed against the door. He pauses for a minute and looks into your eyes as his hardness is about to enter you. You pull him closer and your eyes beg. He kisses you again and pushes and you forget everything else.

You never do get to the movie and drinks.

Hope you enjoyed!


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