Jul. 5th, 2017

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The space was small and terribly cramped and Goro could feel quite a lot of warmth from the body behind him. They were sitting down, crouched a little and the only way they both fit inside was to be pressed together, legs overlapping on either side of Goro's body. He was trying hard to concentrate on listening for the door, but it was getting difficult to ignore the hard length poking into his lower back.

Goro's head jerked as he felt arms slipping around his waist and toying with the waistband of the tight thong he was wearing. "Takuya!" he hissed out "Stop! We're supposed to be listening for her!" He shivered again as a low chuckle was directed right into his ear. "Come on Goro, how am I supposed to resist you when you're in my lap wearing a thong?" Takuya's husky voice whispered in his ear.

Goro felt himself reacting quickly and catching up with the man behind him as Takuya palmed him through the thin fabric. He gulped a few times, trying to hold on to the last strains of reason, until he felt the other hand nudging aside the back of the thong. He moaned quietly "Ah, well, ok, but... quickly! She could be here any minute."

*** *** ***

Takuya thrust into him particularly hard, hitting that spot dead on just as Goro heard the door open. Goro flailed out hitting the wall of the fake cake and causing it to collapse outwards. Two voices cried out as Takuya hit the right spot again, "Ah!" A shocked face appeared before Goro's sight, brown hair falling around her face. "Happy Birthday Amber!" He gasped out.


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